Thursday, 3 May 2012

“Think dog”, dog training online

A dog training course is now available online, thanks to video lessons based on the a new method called « Think Dog », a modern way of training your pets !

Mr. Angelo Vaira, a dog trainer from Milan, has invented this method and shown it to readers, presenting it as a new form of training your dog. He shows 15 video lessons illustrating many different ways of training your dog, even if you live in a city.

The idea of video-lessons was very successful among pet fans. Thanks to many interesting pieces of advice and tips, Mr. Vaira managed to better the relationship between dogs and their owners ; moreover, he bettered the dogs level of attention, as some of them weren’t attentive enough to their owner’s orders or were too nervous. Some dogs also « understood » not to use their olfactory sense too much, not to grow too tired.

This unusual project was very successful thanks to very short video-lessons across the Web; they  were transmitted in a very practical and effective way.
The dog trainer and his co-workers did a good job ; thanks to them, the « Think Dog » idea was transformed into a way of helping dog owners having a difficult relationship with their pet in a significant way. The pieces of advice were very helpful to better the everyday life of dogs and their owners!

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Alpe di Siusi- a paradise for everybody!

Holidays with dogs on the popular Alpe di Siusi at South Tyrol

South Tyrol surly represents one of the most beautiful vacation areas for a holiday with dog because of a picturesque and impressing landscape. Furthermore there exist a lot of accommodations, which accept dogs like for example the several farms for farm holidays in the heart of the mountains. The accommodations and hotels Alpe di Siusi offer many extras for a wonderful holiday with your best friend, such as spacious rooms, dog baskets or a big garden. Moreover the Alpe di Siusi as Europe’s biggest high plateau provides a multiplicity of trekking trails, perfect also for an excursion together with your four-legged friend. The Dolomites are an ideal destination for a  dog friendly holiday, a perfect possibility to spend some relaxing days in the heart of nature; however it’s important to observe the rules and to put a leash on the dog if it’s required. On the Alpe di Siusi you can find not only dog- friendly hotels but also other accommodations such as apartments, guesthouses or bed & breakfasts for an unforgettable holiday in the mountains. 

One of the best choices for a relaxing family holiday with dog is definitely a farm holiday on one of the numerous traditional farms in the Dolomites. Find your perfect farm holiday at Siusi, at Fié or Castelrotto, in the heart of a picturesque town surrounded by the Sciliar or by spacious meadows with a challenging panorama on the alpine scenery. On a singular trekking tour in the fascinating Schlern- Rosengarten Nature Park established in the year 1974 you can enjoy wonderful days with your family and with your dog!

Monday, 11 July 2011

Holidays with your dog in Greece

Greece is a fabulous destination for your holidays in the Mediterranean! If you want to bring your dog along, the best idea is renting an apartment located in one of these lovely white buildings you see in tourism brochures.
Unfortunately Greece isn’t as advanced as France or Germany in the field of pet-friendly holidays, so it can be a bit difficult to find a hotel in Greece or a beach accepting your pets.
Choosing a quiet holiday resort in Greece is the ideal solution for your holidays with your pets here. An idea can be the island of Santorini; in beaches, archaeological sites, parks, gardens and so on, your dog must be accompanied by you and leashed.
Get all the useful information about the travelling documents and vaccines…then enjoy your vacations in Greece with your pets!

Holidays with your dog in the Netherlands

The Netherlands are the right destination for your vacations with your dog. Amsterdam, the capital, is famous thanks to its water channel and museums, while the Brabant region present the famous windmills; Zandvoort is a famous sea resort. If you want to visit a museum or a explore Amsterdam through its channels, your dog can also enjoy a bit of fresh air. If you visit the Texel island, your dog must be leashed; apart from this, your pet is easily accepted in parks and on buses, metro, and so on. Get every useful information for your trip to Holland…your dog will also feel at home here!

Holidays with your dog in France

It’s possible to spend your holidays with your dog abroad as well; your pet must have a microchip and a veterinary passport. If you spend your holidays with your dog in France the vaccination against rabies is compulsory, like in many European countries.
Animals must be almost three months old to travel to France and to the French Caribbean. It’s advisable to rent an apartment as an accommodation to have more freedom with your dog.
If you prefer a hotel, you can find a pet-friendly one even in France. Here dogs are allowed in many restaurants, cafés, shops and beaches. Get all the information you need before leaving!

Monday, 30 May 2011

Animals for sale

Animal breeders often offer animals for sale as well, and you can choose a dog which belongs to your favourite race !
Choose your pet properly, keeping in mind the following factors: the race, the size, the character, his/her exigencies during your holidays in Italy, and so on…It will be less difficult to bring him/her along to Italy with you!
You also need to be sure that your four-legged friend comes from a certified animal breeder facility; your pet price might be higher, but you’ll be sure that your pet is almost three months old, has been vaccinated and isn’t infected with worms.
Don’t trust animal breeders promising you cheap pedigree dogs; this kind of animal breeders, often located in Eastern Europe, don’t generally respect the minimum hygiene standards and the laws regarding the animals welfare. It’s possible that they sell you a sick dog, who hasn’t been vaccinated or who is younger than three months…just to list some unpleasant factors.

Monday, 16 May 2011

Animals exhibitions

Do you want to adopt a pedigree dog? It’s possible to visit the animals exhibitions where you can find many races of cats and dogs presented by their breeders.

Many of these pedigree animals won prizes during the exhibitions; many animal rescue organizations also present the animals they take care of during these events, as they also want to help them to find a new home. You can bring your new friend home; the animal rescue organizations volunteers will call you to check if the pet is in good conditions!